There's an odd city limits demarcation between the Grand Rapids suburbs of Wyoming and Grandville. The Grandville City Limits sign here will never be legally seen by any driver.

The location is along Indian Mounds Drive which connects Wilson Avenue in Grandville to Market Street in Grand Rapids paralleling I-196 along the Kent Trails and through Hopewell Indian Mounds Park.

The roadway, well known to area locals - both drivers as well as walkers, bikers, and fishermen (and women) - is famously one way running northeast for vehicular traffic with the other lane only available for non-motorized travel.

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The city limits between Grandville and Wyoming happens about 3/4 of the way through the 4 mile ride. Drivers, who can only legally drive in the direction leaving Grandville see the Wyoming City Limits sign however there is a legacy Grandville City Limits sign that would have alerted southwest drivers of the municipal boundary. Drivers using the road legally will see the back of the Grandville sign and could crane their necks back to see it, but driving front-on, it's a little treat for walkers and bikers alone.

Interestingly, there is another city limits boundary on Indian Mounds Drive. 750 feet before the intersection with Market Street/I-196 is the Wyoming/Grand Rapids city limits, however no signs exist posted by either municipality of the change.

Wrong way and speeding drivers have long been trouble on Indian Mounds Drive with media reports and threads common on social media complaining of drivers ignoring the Do Not Enter signage at the end of Market Street in Grand Rapids or

And that misuse of the road is certainly real - in my last trip on Indian Mounds, I encountered a parked car oriented in the wrong direction and further down the road, a white Subaru (hi!) didn't think I was going fast enough and dangerously passed me using the bike/walking lane speeding past doing at least 40. I caught right up with the driver at the first stoplight in Grand Rapids at Godfrey, so not sure what they gained by the maneuver.

The Grandvillan blog has a deep dive into Indian Mounds Drive and the historic indigenous structures for which they're named.

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