We all take pictures with our smart phones these day, don't we.  The phones themselves are getting better and better, and the cameras included in the phones are able to shoot some pretty remarkable pictures.

However, if you're like me, when I shoot a picture of my wife, or anyone for that matter, they immediately want to see it.  After looking at it they threaten you if it gets posted or anyone else sees it.  So sad.

Now, there is a solution, and it's called Pixtr.

Pixtr is a free app that corrects your pictures, automatically!  I'm not kidding.  It clears up wrinkles, color corrects the overall picture, and gives it better balance, all while you watch. You take a picture, load the app, go to your pictures and chose the one you want to correct, then push on the wand and it begins correcting.

iPhone screen shots from Pixtr
iPhone screen shots from Pixtr

It's very cool.

So, hurry, times-a-waistin', get to your app store.  Your life will never be the same!


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