Stevie Nicks Was Taking Selfies Long Before They Were Cool
Stevie Nicks was a huge role model, blazing trails for women in rock and roll.
However, did you know she also may have helped blaze another trail, that of the photographic selfie?
An exhibition of Polaroids from Nicks' career indicates she was taking selfies long before they were cool.
Improve Your Smart Phone Pictures for Free
We all take pictures with our smart phones these day, don't we.  The phones themselves are getting better and better, and the cameras included in the phones are able to shoot some pretty remarkable pictures.
Random Eerie Photo I Took Last Night…
I just love the light and shadows of this time of the year in West Michigan.  So yesterday evening I was out taking random photos of the trees and sky.   Didn't realize I captured this "ghostly bird" till I looked at the photos this morning...
These Are The Days I Live For In West Michigan
Like I said on the air this morning. Yesterday, Today and's just the beginning of the reason why I live through West Michigan Winters, year after year. One third of the year it's utterly, UGH!  But days like today. These days are the West Michigan Days I Live For...