If you hear what sounds like bombs going off in the southwest Grand Rapids/ Walker area on Thursday, it very well could be... but don't freak out.

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There's a good explanation for the explosions.

The Grand Rapids Police Department's bomb squad is disposing of explosives and hazardous materials that were seized during investigations (or have expired) at the Grand Rapids Compost and Yard Waste drop off site at 2001 Butterworth St SW.

Apparently this is something the police department does annually "if needed". Maybe they just haven't needed to the past few years because I don't remember ever hearing about it?

Anyway, the planned explosives disposal this year is Thursday, Dec. 30, 10a.m. to 4p.m. 

If you live or work nearby the yard waste site, you'll likely see and possibly feel the detonations.

GRPD Commander of Bomb Squad Operations, Capt. Michael Maycroft said,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to residents in the area, however, this is needed to safely dispose of these materials.

Specifically, GRPD and Walker PD say that residents on Butterworth Street SW, O'Brien Road SW, Covell Ave. SW, and Maynard Ave. SW, or anyone on the Fred Meijer Millennium Trail, could hear the explosions. Take note too, if you have pets who are sensitive to loud noises.

The yard waste site will remain open to the public as usual; The detonations will be on small, secured, section of the property that is NOT open to the public.

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