Talk about inspirational!  This new show is on MTV Wednesday Nights!  I was watching Marci who is featured on the show "I Used To Be Fat".  She was a guest on The View today and she looked FANTASTIC!  She lost 90 pounds in 90 days.  Of course, that was a bit dramatic.  But little by littl,e and day by day, when you begin to move more and you do not increase what you are already taking in calorie wise you can't help but lose weight.  I have to hand it to Theresa, who gives you your prizes here at the radio station's front desk.  She is being diligent about walking during her lunch hour.  She too will become healthier for it.  You just can't help that!  To see these kids get it together, get motivated and lose weight because they want to, not because someone is telling them to, is simply amazing.  Check out this promo for the show...I Used To Be Fat on MTV.

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