Growing up in Michigan, you've probably had the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and go hunting with family and friends. While connecting with Mother Nature and trying to track down a big buck you probably never thought twice about how you were going to get in and of the woods or how you would set up a tree stand or blind but for men and women across Michigan who deal with mobility disabilities, this has been an issue until recently.

'Hunt 2 Heal' located on 640 acres in Bitely, Michigan gives disabled hunters in a second chance to get outdoors and enjoy hunting. Carson Nyenhuis was in a bad motorcycle accident in October of 2016 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. While slowly recovering after multiple surgeries Carson struggled with depression and would focus on all the things he couldn't do including hunting. His family and friends wouldn't let him stay in that bad place and slowly started helping Carson get up and about and living his life as he did before the motorcycle accident.

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One thing his friends and family did was help him get out into the woods and into a deer blind to hunt and it made him feel alive again and reminded him how important it was to be doing something you love and enjoy. That's how Hunt 2 Heal was born.

The Hunt 2 Heal program consists of a full weekend (Friday - Sunday) of hunting, meals, bonfires, and other fun activities in the great outdoors. They do have an application and selection process since hunting weekends are limited. The opportunity is available to all, at no cost. You can apply to get more info about Hunt 2 Heal Here


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