Over the past ten, twelve years, I've amassed a rather large collection of golf shirts. Always on the alert for a good bargain, I've become pretty good at buying expensive stuff on the cheap. My wife will often say I have too many golf shirts. How many are too many? Most guys would say there is no such thing. Need proof? Check out this survey.

More than 82-percent of the avid golfers taking part in a new Lands' End poll consider the polo shirt to be the most versatile article of clothing they own, and 53-percent admit they have more than 20 of them. Over 87-percent call the polo shirt the man's equivalent to a woman's "little black dress." But not all polo shirts are created equal. Over 95-percent of the respondents can tell the difference between a quality polo shirt and one that's not well made, and "poor construction" bothers 99-percent of polo devotees. Nearly 95-percent say a tell-tale sign of a shirt's quality is in the collar, which will curl on inferior polo shirts -- and irritate 94-percent of the wearers. Just under 90-percent get frustrated when their shirt fades in the wash. Those who like polo shirts wear them at least four times a week, and it's rare they'll wear something else on the weekends. Just under 95-percent will also put on a polo for dinner engagements.