After a slow start, we've seen our share of snow this winter.

West Michigan students have seen their share of snow days too.

How many snow days should schools be required to make up?

For most West Michigan school districts, it's been a while since they have had to make up days due to the weather.  State law says districts are allowed 6 snow/weather/sickness days, then must make up any further missed time.

But is that the best policy?

Changing schedules can create difficulty for many, even though making the decision to add days to the end of the school year during winter provides plenty of notice.

Turning half days into full days or adding a few minutes to each day are options for districts that go over the 6 day limit.  But any missed time is crucial.

Although it would create conflicts for many, I'd like to see schools make up all days missed.  Considering the planned final day of school to be an estimate, not a firm date, would allow all to plan for it better in the future.

Our students getting as much time as possible in the classroom is important and should outweigh the inconveniences created by extending the school year in case of missed time.