The COVID 19 pandemic has us all somewhat scared, frustrated, sad, angry, and other emotions I can't think of. Since March, life has not exactly been normal, but we've been trying to cope with it as best we can. We've been isolating ourselves from others, hording toilet paper, wipes, rice and chips.  So, how can we cope better? What can we do? Scary movies help!

Whatever the scare, a good horror movie, or imagining life in a zombie apocalypse, a new study finds scary movies may be helping your mental toughness. Researchers say fans of horror films and other post-apocalyptic movies are handling the real life fear brought by the coronavirus pandemic better than others. Who knew? Where's Dracula when you need him?

In a report posted on the website, a team in the United States and Denmark finds horror flick enthusiasts are experiencing less psychological distress due to COVID-19.

Also, the more morbidly curious you are, showing a high interest in unpleasant things, this may be getting sick here, but things like death or watching executions in medieval times, those people are able to put a positive spin on their time in quarantine. Okay, that's weird.

Quoting the study here, “Experiencing negative emotions in a safe setting, such as during a horror film, might help individuals hone strategies for dealing with fear and more calmly deal with fear-eliciting situations in real life.”

For myself, I'm doing okay I think. So I'm not going to start watching zombies eat people or people losing their head in medieval times. I think I'll watch Mary Poppins again!


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