The wedding of your child is one of life’s most important events.   I should know because I've married off 5 daughters.  Oh, my, five weddings.  I'll be out-of-debt by 2020!

Seriously, each wedding was so special.  And, they're all still together and happy!  Go figure.

You know, couples want to have their parents at their wedding...most of the time. And, for the most part, parents make their best effort to be there. Schedules are cleared and plans are made.

But sometimes things get in the way, like health.  If one of the parents is ill, what do you do, cancel and re-schedule the wedding?  You can't do that, the wedding must go on.

This was the dilemma Brian and Laura Shoop faced.  Brian’s dad was diagnosed with a serious illness and was hospitalized, so he could not attend their wedding celebration.  But, picture wise, he was a BIG part of the wedding...thanks to Photoshop!

Check out the heartwarming and creative photos that Brian's sister edited.