Here's a Michigan roadside stop that's wayyy up & over in one of Michigan's farthest regions. It's been tagged as "The World's Tallest & Largest Indian" and is found in Ironwood.

This 52-foot tall statue of Hiawatha is found in Ironwood's Hiawatha Park, in a triangular section that's bordered by Beech Street, Burma Road and E. Houk Street.

The statue - weighing nine tons (18,000 pounds) - was brought in from Minneapolis and erected in Ironwood in 1964.

The statue sits atop of what was once the site of caves & tunnels of Ironwood's old iron mine, "Old Norrie."

The "World's Tallest"? I'm afraid not anymore.....there's a taller but not-as-handsome statue in Skowhegan, Maine that is ten feet taller. Even so, Hiawatha is MUCH more attractive and is lovingly restored from time-to-time, so he'll be around for many years to come.

It's a great little photo op if you have the stamina to drive way over to Ironwood on your next roadtrip through Michigan's U.P. Check it out!


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