As Grand Rapidians, we're proud of our city. Grand Rapids continues to grow and change, and for the most part we all feel pretty safe within our city.

We're Beer City, USA, a few of the suburbs were named in a list of great places to raise a family, and back in the fall Grand Rapids was named one of the five safest college towns in the country.

But, that doesn't mean that we don't have our fair share of crime, and it seems like we've been hearing about a lot of it lately.

Neighborhood Scout ranked all of Grand Rapids' neighborhoods on several criteria including their crime rates.

You wouldn't think that we had THAT much crime here in GR, but looking at the numbers, our crime rate of 7.3 is almost double the national average of 3.8 per 1,000 people. We're even higher than the state average of 4.16 per 1,000 people.

The list is based on violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery, and rape, and properly crimes such as burglary, car theft, and arson.

  • Division Ave. South/Franklin St. SE

    This neighborhood, with borders on Wealthy St. to the north, Hall St. to the south, Franklin St. to the east, and Century Ave. to the west has long been considered a dangerous area by many who live in Grand Rapids. (Moreso, by people that don't frequent downtown GR, if we're being honest.) While the area can be a little rough around the edges, it has its bright spots.

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  • College Ave. NE/Michigan Ave. NE

    How unsafe can a neighborhood that borders on a country club be dangerous? I mean, really...

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  • Ann St. NW/Broadway Ave. NW

    Most confusing about this area is the fact that the map show its eastern cutoff point as being in the middle of the Grand River (which, granted, can be dangerous in its own way.)

    High vacancy rate was also noted in the area by NeighborhoodScout.

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  • City Center

    Personally, working in downtown GR, I've never once felt that it was dangerous, or that I was in danger. But, with the abundance of people downtown for work, play, and other, it's really not surprising that it shows up at one of GR's most dangerous neighborhoods.

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  • Fuller Ave. NE/Coldbrook St. NE

    I live in this neighborhood, so this is a little unsettling.

    The area, which encompasses Leonard down to I-196 between Fuller and College actually seems to me (maybe I'm biased) to be an up and coming area. But, I guess the stats don't lie.

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