Andy and I were talking this morning on WTRV FM about "empty nest syndrome."

I ran into a husband and wife at the ice arena last night. Their kids have gone on to college, leaving mom and dad with nothing but time on their hands. What to do? My friends decided to go back and volunteer with kids, just as they had done years earlier with their own children.

With kids finally off to college, a lot of parents are you faced with an empty nest for the first time? "Empty Nest Syndrome is the idea that women are devastated, depressed and in despair when their children leave home, unable to fill the void that their children leave behind.

For those who have been there, how do you handle all that freedom...all that space...the quiet of the house without kids.

1. Get a Pet
2. Travel, travel, travel
3. Learn New Things Go back to school; take fun classes that you would be interested in like photography or psychology. Or sign up for fun exercise or dance classes.
4. Get a Part-Time Job
5. Re-Decorate The House
6. Make a Bucket List and Actually Do it!