UPDATE: "Kylie has been found safe! Thank you to every person who shared her face, and helped us find her. The community support has meant the world to us and we're all grateful she ok!!!! We couldn't have done it without you all!"

Family and friends are reaching out to the community to help find a missing woman from Grand Rapids.

30-year-old Kylie Walters has been missing anywhere from two to four days. A Facebook post from a friend states that she has been missing since "at least Monday at 8 a.m."

No one is sure when she was last seen, as she stays at several different places throughout Grand Rapids. Her phone is paid for and her service is active, but she has not spoken to any of her friends or family in several days (which is uncommon for her.) Her last post on social media post was four days ago.

Shortly after Monday at 8 a.m. Kylie's mother received a message from a man stating that her daughter was fine, but that her phone was broken and she needed her mother's address and phone number. The following evening, Kylie's sister received an identical message from the same man. Shortly after Kylie's mother provided him with her information, she received a notice that her phone number was being abused fraudulently.

Friends say that Kylie would give a person the shirt off of her back if they asked her to, and they fear that that quality could have landed her in some sort of trouble.

Anyone with any information on Kylie's whereabouts is asked to call 616-755-8227.

Courtesy of Tyler Belcher
Courtesy of Tyler Belcher
Courtesy Photo
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