The winter of 2018 has brought heavy snow to Southwest Michigan, and lots of it - too much for the historic 1880 Heath School near Bangor. The one-room schoolhouse has collapsed due to the snow.

The fate of the building was shared on Facebook by Ethan Pulka, the owner of the property along CR 681 about 2 1/2 miles south of Bangor.

Heath School was one of about 10 rural districts that consolidated into the current Bangor Schools. The Bangor History page contains a few photos of Heath School classes from the early 1900s.

Heath School, historically Arlington Township #1, according to the Michigan One-Room Schoolhouse Association,

There is one currently operating small school in the area. Wood School (Bangor Township #8) on 66th Street still serves K-8 students.

Take a look at some photos of Heath School.

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