It's been a hot summer.  Air conditioning has never felt so good.  Unfortunately, utility bills for air conditioning rise right along with the temperatures.

There are a number of ways to try to keep your bill down, but the simplest is the least your air conditioner less.

Have you turned your air conditioner warmer to save money?

There are many ways to lower your cost for air conditioning.  WZZM has some tips:

Don't crank up the A/C. It won't cool faster, but will cool to a lower temperature than you wanted it to be. That will use more energy.

Set your A/C at a comfortable setting like 78 to 80 degrees and use your ceiling fan or a box fan to move air around. Fans don't use as much electricity.

Turn off the fans when you leave the house. They don't do you any good while away.

Make sure your ceiling fans are blowing down. You may have changed it for the winter.

During normal summer weather we usually run the air conditioning at 72.  We've turned it to 74 for most of this summer.  A small change that helps to save some money.  But is it worth it?