Recently, Michigan was ranked the #2 state for the worst winters in the U.S.

This should come to no surprise, if you're from Michigan you know how brutal (and weird) our winters can be. Even out-of-towners recognize it. But, Instead of complaining about the cold weather and the snow we should think about the positives. The things we could instead be going through, but aren't, thanks to the winter season.

These are the 10 things worse than Michigan winters:

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    You know its summertime in Michigan when the mosquitoes are out. They are the definition of annoying! You can't properly enjoy a bonfire or camping without getting bit a million times.

    The constant itching is a reminder why we should be thankful for those winter months.

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    Bottom line: sunburns HURT. If you've ever been badly burned, than you've probably had to stay in bed for an entire day without moving (mostly cuz you can't move) while consistently applying aloe on your skin.

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    The worst combination is hot & humid weather which is terrible for our hair, especially a female's hair.

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    Broken Air Conditoner

    OMG talk about uncomfortable! Broken AC during an 80+ degree day, you might as well be melting. It's best to camp out at the mall if this happens.

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    Black Leather Seats in the Summertime

    If you've gotten into a car with black leather seats in the summer, and you're wearing shorts, you basically just got second-degree burns. Sit slowly. Very carefully.

    And let's not forget about the scorching seatbelt buckle.

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    As much as we appreciate how much tourism [and money] the state brings in, especially during the summer, have you ever been in Downtown Grand Rapids during ArtPrize? INSANITY! It's best to avoid it if you can.

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    Who am I fooling? I was crazy to think that I could come up with 10. I'm surprised I even made it to 6!