In one word, YES! And, that's according to U of M, the Michigan Disease Surveillance System, Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker and John Hopkins University Coronavirus database. That's a group of some pretty high-end experts.

It's been a tough two to three months for sure, and it certainly isn't over yet. The frustration rate among all of us has been high with some acting out exclaiming that their rights are being violated. But the information collected is showing the the Michigan "tough love" has been working, and keeping Michiganders alive, whether they want to live or not.

The modeling data collected showed that between Nov. 15 and Jan. 8, about 109,000 cases were prevented. Based on Michigan’s rate of fatality of 2.6%, that translates to 2,800 lives saved.

Fox17 reported that researchers also found that states with higher average "government response index" did better at containing the spread. Researchers also said Michigan had the lowest cases count among Midwestern states over the holiday season.

So far, there have been 556,109 cases in Michigan, 14,491 deaths and 463,106 recoveries. Here in Kent County, over 49,000 confirmed and assumed cases have been reported, and in Ottawa County nearly 21,000 cases. With the vaccine rollout, over 1,479,075 had been distributed and over 800,000 administered thus far in Michigan.

We Michiganders have been doing our part in terms of maintaining social distancing and staying home, and those efforts have prevented illnesses and deaths across the state. Let's keep it up by continuing to wear masks, wash our hands vigorously and social distancing as much as possible. Of course, remember to register for the vaccine!


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