Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  Why?  I don't really know.  I love fall, the cool, crisp air and all the vibrant colors.   I love seeing the kids dress up in costume.  They're so excited and proud when they come to your door to trick or treat.  Maybe it's the candy.  Okay, yes, it's the candy.  It's my time, and excuse, to sneak some mini Snickers, Butterfingers, Reeses, and more.  Now we're talkin' a little bit of heaven.

This year, from east coast to west coast, nearly 36 million children will dress up and go trick or treating.  One-hundred-sixty-one-million people in the U.S. plan to celebrate Halloween.  And, you know what, that's going to mean a lot of money spent.  Just add up the prices of the costumes and candy and everything else, and you come up with six-point-eight billion dollars spent on Halloween. Those are BIG BUCKS!

Actually, we haven't spent all that much this year.  Our kids are grown and taking their own kids trick or treating, handing out candy, and putting costumes together.

I miss all of that.  I'd go to the kids school and watch their costume parade.  I would take them trick or treating with their friends while Kathy would stay at home and hand out candy.

Hmmmmm!  I wonder if I can 'Rent' some kids for Halloween.