With the pandemic still changing the way schools operate and students learn, you may be worried about making sure your kids are staying on track with their studies. Especially while they're doing virtual learning and you're still trying to do your work, or it's been just long enough since being in school,  you're not quite sure you're helping your kids with their classwork.

Well, Grand Valley State University is offering students in Kindergarten through 12th-grade free virtual tutoring with the GVSU K-12 Virtual Tutoring.  As the website states the service offers one-on-one tutoring or homework support virtually with “university students, faculty or staff with expertise in various subjects through Zoom.”

The tutoring is available as a one-time appointment or you can set up a recurring weekly session and the GVSU website says the tutoring center is able to support tutoring needs for any student needing the help.

If your child is needing tutoring, you just need to get to the GVSU K-12 Connect Virtual Tutoring website and follow the steps listed to find a tutor. Students are required to bring homework or classwork to be worked on during the session, as the tutoring program doesn’t supply extra lessons or content.

The GVSU K-12 Connect Virtual Tutoring is taking reservations now for the free tutoring sessions. You can find out more about the service as well as sign up for free tutoring sessions HERE.

This is tutoring service is great, because I've seen my nephews trying to do common core math, and there's no way I could ever help them. I feel for you, parents.

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