For the second summer, Grand Rapids is partnering again with local businesses to help GR’s young residents find jobs this summer.

The program is called GRow1000 and is a youth employment program that looks to help residents of Grand Rapids, aged 15-24 jobs during the summer.  The program was launched last year because of COVID-19 as well as ongoing racial and economic disparities, according to the city's website. When it was launched city manager, Mark Washington had called for businesses to help employ 1,000 young people to help "mitigate the effects" of the pandemic.

Last year GRow1000 was able to connect 350 young job seekers employment at over 60 job locations around the city.  They’re hoping this year they’ll be able to serve around 650 teens and young adults jobs during the summer, WOODTV reports.

Here's how the City of Grand Rapids explains GRow1000,

This summer young people ages 15 to 24 will have the opportunity to explore a career and obtain valuable work experience while earning money. Program participants will be matched with employers for a 6-week, 120-hour, paid work experience.

Funding for the summer program is all from the local businesses and philanthropic donations.  Around 50 businesses are taking part, from a range of different industries.  WOODTV says those in the program 17 and younger earn $10 an hour through the program and those 18 and older earn $13 an hour.  Bus passes will be provided to anyone in the program that needs one to get to work.

If you or someone you know is interested in GRow1000 this summer, you have until April 19th to apply HERE.

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