A West Michigan TV Anchor received backlash after posting a picture of herself and Governor Whitmer.

Facebook Janice Allen Fox 17
Facebook Janice Allen Fox 17

Fox 17 News anchor Janice Allen posted a picture to her Facebook Page Monday evening after Michigan Governor Whitmer visited the news station earlier in the day. Allen captioned her post.

Honored to meet Governor Whitmer today!

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The post seemed to not sit well with some people, A man commented:

So sad you had to waste your time with that waste of human flash and also virtue signal with the masks.

Another woman said:  

Well you just lost a viewer!

While some other people came to Janice's defense saying:

Embarrassed and disappointed I couldn’t see the ignorance of people. God please forgive them for their lack of knowledge.

Another woman commented:

I am not a fan of hers by any stretch, but I do think it’s an honor when you meet an elected official. I always hold respect for the office. You look great, Janice.

Janice took all the comments in stride and replied to the comment's saying.

Hey everyone- didn't mean to cause a big controversy with this picture. It's not everyday the sitting Governor drops by the news station. POLITICS ASIDE-- whether Republican or Democrat, it is an honor to meet the person leading the great state of Michigan.

I agree with Janice and feel for all of the men and women working in the news industry. It seems like no matter what they do someone is going to have a problem with it.

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