If you are on Reddit and are a resident of Grand Rapids, you probably are following r/GrandRapids. The page is dedicated to any and all things GR. Need a personal trainer? A drinking buddy? How about someone to just grab a coffee and talk about how your ending to Game of Thrones was WAY better than the one on TV? Well, r/GrandRapids is the place to be. There is a ton of info about the history of GR, current events and is a great resource for really anything GR.

Since December, there has been a group meeting of all of the Redditors every month to sit back, relax and get to know some of the other folks in the community. Things started out small but the numbers have increased every month. Well this month the invite has been extended to the public, and the best part is... there is a discount on drinks!

The event is taking place at HOME (the first floor of the BOB) Tuesday June 18th, 7-11p.m.

"The Bob had been so generous in allowing us to use this event space for our meetup as long as we hit a certain number of attendees. They have also offered discounted drinks! Our group will receive $1 off all of their standard beers!"- Reddit user u/smokedgoudes who is heading the event.

So get to some new peeps, or maybe just enjoy the discounted drinks to the point where you don't remember any of them anyway! Any other additional information can be found at the Facebok invite.


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