Growing up a child we all probably had something that held great sentimental value to us. It might have been a teddy bear or a blanky, for me it was my old baseball glove that was autographed by former Detroit Tigers player and coach Alan Trammell.

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I had the chance to meet him at a Walmart where he was doing some kind of promotional event. I waited my turn in line and left the store with an autograph on my glove and a memory I'll never forget.

A few years later my mom was doing some cleaning in the garage and ended up donating my autographed Alan Trammell glove because she thought it was just my old one that I didn't need anymore. By the time I realized it, it was too late and I was crushed.

Now that experience is nowhere near as crushing as what one West Michigan mom is dealing with. Rachel Dombrowski needs help finding a stuffed frog that was given to her daughter Xannah Stark by her deceased father and was accidentally donated.

Earlier this month, Rachel Dombrowski was cleaning up her house and doing some decluttering. Her goal was to clean up the junk and donate some things to people in need. Somehow, during that process, her daughter's frog was tossed into the donation pile and dropped off at the Salvation Army.

That frog means a lot to Xannah because her dad passed away when she was six. Xannah said when she was younger, her family all kissed a heart and put it into the back of the stuffed animal.

Rachel Dombrowski posted on Facebook reaching out for help:

***** REACHING OUT****
I am reaching out for some help I know this is a REAL LONG SHOT but I’m going to give it a shot. I took stuff to the Salvation Army on alpine and I had my daughter stuff animal that’s a frog . Now it may have gotten sold or they may have trashed it I don’t know but if that one person may have bought it I was wondering if I could get it back. It was from her dad tha passed 8 years ago. I’ll buy it back whatever you paid. Here’s a picture it’s not the greatest but the only one we have. Green frog tummy white and orange pads. The best I got. Hope it may reach someone. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
attachment-Rachel Dombrowski FB
Rachel Dombrowski FB
According to WZZM the family has called the Salvation Army, checked the stores, and shared photos online but still no luck.

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