Last week, a group of Grand Rapids Christian High School students with an interest in the fashion industry enjoyed a unique opportunity.

The students were able to tour the showroom of a successful fashioner designer from Grand Rapids and meet Nigel Barker.

Pamella DeVos' line of clothing, Pamella Roland, has enjoyed great success.  Pamella Roland dresses are regularly seen on the red carpet, including at this year's Golden Globe awards.

The Grand Rapids Christian High School students toured the Pamella Roland showroom last week.  They also met Nigel Barker for a question and answer session during the tour.

On Friday, Pamella Roland tweeted:















Nigel Barker is known by many for his time as a judge on "America's Next Top Model" from 2004 - 2012.  Barker is also an accomplished model, photographer, and more.

The students clearly appreciated the chance to meet Barker.







What a great opportunity for the future fashion designers from Grand Rapids Christian High School!