Reddit Urban Hell is a photography subreddit of all the "hideous places human beings built or inhabit." A West Michigan favorite to pick on was roasted nationally. You've seen it. You've probably driven by it. You might have your own opinions about it and NOW, so do others nationwide.


The post reads,

"The Grand Castle Apartment building in Grandville Michigan. Contains 520 units, and a design based off of Neuschwanstein Castle. It is the second largest castle structure in the world."

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And the comments came rolling in...

  • "an insult to the original castle to say the design was based on it"


  • "Looks like Shawshank"


  • "Yeah, I really had some Lord Farquad vibe looking at the photos"


  • "This is just so American. They have the money and they have the will to do it. They just don’t have the wisdom to do it right."


  • "This looks like an institute for the mentally ill."


  • "This is what happens if Neuschwanstein ate McDonald's Big Mac's super fries and big shakes three times a day for life."

What Is A "Castle Structure"? says castles have these 15 defining parts...motte, well, bailey, keep, curtain wall, talus, battlements, fortified tower, arrow slits, machicolations, moat, draw bridge, gate house, murder holes, and spiral staircase. I hope the Grand Castle Apartments don't have murder holes.

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A Twitter user chimed in with pictures.

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The community offers studios, one-bedrooms, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and multi-level penthouses. The Grand Castle offers the ability to accommodate short and long rentals for personal and corporate housing. Penthouse information and pricing are available by request.

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Google Street View

On, the ad says,

"Featuring authentic architecture, high-end finishes, and unparalleled community amenities, The Grand Castle is a destination apartment community and hub of the Grandville community. The property showcases genuine castle construction with a 15 story tower, pool, lakefront access, full fitness center, walking/biking trails, and more."

One West Michigander and Reddit user has posted a blog about living in Grand Castle Apartments. You can read his story here.

For all of the chiding and curiosity the complex brings, it is at full capacity with a waitlist to rent an apartment there. 

But, if you want to get the royal experience, there are a few different AirBnBs located in the Castle.

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