Imagine having this great idea for a restaurant, doing all the prep work to get the place open, finally, make it to, and celebrate your grand opening, only to shut down three hours later.

That’s what happened to the new Royals, on Wealthy St in Grand Rapids.  Royals is owned by the same group that also owns Donkey - Taqueria, The Winchester and Hancock Grand Rapids.

Royals Grand Rapids opened Monday at 8 am and closed at 10:55 am, because of the shutdown of dine-in restaurants. The Facebook post said they are planning to try again with Royals Grand Rapids later and said they were working on a new date.

But all that news comes after the fact that they had to lay off employees at the other three established restaurants because of the order from Gov. Whitmer to move restaurants to take-out or delivery only.   The company did say that while it laid off a number of employees, they were still paying 100% of their company health insurance while they’re closed.

They’re also three of the restaurants in West Michigan still open for takeout and delivery orders.

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