I was just talking about this on the air a couple minutes ago.  Last night I was laying in bed freezing. I got up and turned the heat up to 70 degrees, got back into bed, with my three quilts and cuddly kitties and was still freezing.

  As I'm laying there I'm thinking, I have shelter.  I have a bed.  I have a pillow, what am I complaining about.  There are people in sub zero weather right now sleeping under a bridge or wrapped in a cardboard box because there was no room in the shelter. 

It just put things in perspective and got me thinking about all the the men & women living on the streets right here in Grand Rapids.  I just spoke w/Jay Starkey from In The Image & money certainly helps but so does all of your excess. 

All American's have "so much extra stuff" that is taking up space, sitting in closets, things you have tired of.  In The Image can put all of it to good use.  Please look in your closets for stuff you don't use anymore, blankets, coats, scarves, boots, shoes, sweatshirts, EVERYTHING helps!  Yes, money helps but not everyone has extra money to donate.  If YOU do great.  But if you don't please help in whatever way is easiest for you.  Everything matters!


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