She Sheds, the dream of many women for their own private space. Man Caves, the dream of many men for their own private space and game center. They both have been trends for a long time, but times are changing, and those dreams of personal spaces are turning to something else.

Seems with lots of people working from home and lots of kids learning from home, the new trend in sheds is home office sheds. And people are willing to spend a boatload of cash on these backyard office/home school spaces. It makes sense, since working from your bed, kitchen table, or couch isn't exactly cool and productive, and add in the kids learning from home, well, chaos can ensue.

Out of a pandemic comes opportunity, and for one company, that opportunity has been huge. Studio Shed, based out of Boulder, Colorado, is a company that builds some impressive outdoor work spaces, which range in price from 10 grand to 30 grand. As of March, the company has seen 100% growth!

Here's just one idea of theirs.

The website Distractify featured some of Studio Shed's ideas and designs. The founder of Studio Shed, Mike Koenig, said they were having a massive surge in the 80- to 120-square feet option shed, which is a perfect office size for home gym or kid's study area.

They also caution everyone that it all depends on your state, your town, and your neighborhood. In a lot of places, you don't need a permit to add a building under 200 square feet, but you should definitely check to make sure that's the case before you commit to anything. Also you need to consider whether your neighborhood has HOA restrictions

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