Finally some good news for employees in 2012.  Not so good news for employers who are trying to hang on to the good ones. 

After all the cutbacks, employers are finding exactly what they have left to work with; and it isn't looking so good.  MSN Careers website and Rick Ferguson from are seeing a pattern.

The 2012 patter show promise for small business and growth.

Other job trends include:

Workers seeking new and better job opportunities.  34% of employers say that "voluntary turnover", translated, workers who are resigning for better jobs was higher in 2011 than it was in 2010.  It's expected to grow even more in 2012.

Another trend to follow is employers who are trying to figure out a way to hold onto their current employees and even attract some valuable new ones!

Some of the hottest fields with the most growth include sales, information technology, engineering and  business development.

As with anything in life trends come and go, everything is cyclical and everything is temporary.  Watch the treands and they might help you figure out where you will land next!