The Ad Council has just released two more Public Service Announcements "It's Up To You" hoping to encourge ALL Americans to get vaccinated and put an end to the pandemic once and  for all. The came with loaded guns, too, as all the living Presidents were featured.

Well, that's not quite right. All of the living former president and first ladies, excluding Donald and Melania Trump. They chose not to be involved. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, along with their wives, Rosalynn, Hillary, Laura and Michelle are there.

Fox 17 reported that the Ad Council says the videos are designed to encourage all Americans to get answers to the top questions about the COVID-19 vaccine at and to get a shot when it’s available to them.


There is s second ad that features the former presidents at Arlington National Cemetery and they speak about the importance of getting vaccinated, reminding Americans that the life-saving vaccine will protect individuals and those they love.


The PSAs are part of one of the largest public education campaigns in U.S. history, according to the Ad Council. They’ll appear nationwide in time and space donated by the media across TV and digital media platforms starting this week.

More than 500,000 thousand Americans have died because of the COVID19 virus. It's time we put an end to this...NOW!


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