Although the corner at Fulton and Monroe can bit a bit of a problem to navigate it won't hold you up much on your journey downtown to Laughfest.  But parking?  Parking poses a problem during a normal week in downtown Grand Rapids, so with all the Laughfest activities going on, that is where you might run into a bit of a jam.

I saw on WZZM 13 's website that Pam Ritsema with Grand Rapids Parking Services, says the city is staffing parking to make sure things run smoothly.  There are approximately 10,000 parking spaces downtown, it sure doesn't feel like it does it?  They figure that not everyone will come in one car so maybe the city could have 20,000 to 30,000 people at any given time.

Here are a few tips that Ritsema suggests:

If you're driving into town from the north, avoid Fulton Street which is under construction. Take the Pearl or Ottawa Exit, or take Plainfield to downtown.

If you're driving into town from the south you should take US-131 to the downtown exit.

Ritsema also said to try the Pearl and Ionia ramp because it is only a seven minute walk from everything.  And she reminded, do not forget about the spaces below city hall, there are 900 of those.

Another good spot Ritsema suggested was the gallery on Fulton and Division.  It's not a spot that a lot of people know about, until now that is, and it too is a good place to park.

Print this out, have a plan but most of all HAVE FUN!  Isn't that what Laughfest is all about...