Aw shoot, it's not summer yet... but at least we can have a drink that tastes like one.

Applebee's is offering $1 Strawberry Margaritas in the month of April.

The beverage comes in a 10oz glass with its own Twizzlers straw.

Yes, please. Sounds like a drink I would have consumed in college and I'm on board.

"Strawberry Dollaritas" are available all day at participating Applebee's nationwide, every day, all month long.

“Applebee’s is all about providing a fun, memorable experience with friends,” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s in a release. “Sippin’ on a STRAWBERRY DOLLARITA through a strawberry-flavored TWIZZLERS straw is just about the coolest and most exciting way to drink a margarita. No question about it.”

Applebee's recommends reaching out to a restaurant beforehand to find out if they are participating.

Find West Michigan Applebee's locations here.

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