The Fifth Third River Bank Run has always been filled with inspirational stories of courage.

Our news partner, WZZM 13 found one that will really tug at your heart.

At Georgetown Elementary School in Hudsonville. Mrs. Estefan's kindergarten class  has 25 students, minus one - six year old Spencer Meyer.

Spencer is not able to be with his classmates.  He is in Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, and has been for nearly two months battling leukemia.

Spencer's classmates wanted him to know that he's not alone.  They are fighting right along side of him.  Several of them shaved their heads to match his.  Pretty cool.

Also, 80 students from Georgetown Elementary are planning to run in the River Bank Run Kids Fun Run as part of a fundraiser to cover Spencer's medical expenses.  Very cool.

So far, the students have raised $4,700 for Spencer, and hope to raise even more before the race on May 9.

Would you like to help?  You can, by going to their Facebook page with more information.

Let's all pitch in and help Spencer get back to school!  And, next year, Spencer can run in the Fifth Third!

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