The world of Show Biz was rocked yesterday with the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm.

George Lucas, Lucasfilm, sold his company to Disney for a mere $4 billion dollars.

Say that again?  $4 BILLION!  

Holy Darth Vader!  Lucasfilm is the home of Stars Wars, so, now what?  Mickey Mouse fights off evil-dooers with a light saber? Possibly.

After the sale announcement, Disney announced plans to release a new ‘Star Wars’ movie in 2015 which will not be written or directed by George Lucas. It will be an original script with George Lucas as a creative consultant, only.

Okay, you have to have some fun with this.  So, fans have been creating awesome  artwork. Afterall, there are Disney/Star Wars toys and theme park crossovers, in addition to the beloved ‘Star Tours’ ride, so check out the best Disney/Star Wars art the Web has to offer.



jedi mickey


Star Wars Disney Day

Disney Theme Parks

Monsters Inc/Star Wars


darth tigger

James Hance


up disney


buzz yoda


Star Wars Winnie the Pooh

James Hance

Star Wars Donald Duck


Ludwig Obi Wan

Nathan H. Boyd