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Darth Vader Wakes up 2-Year Old Boy. What Happened? [Video]
This is such a sweet video, something all parents should watch.
It seems a dad spent all night working on a Darth Vader costume so that he could surprise his two-year-old son in the morning with a special Lord Darth Vader Star Wars wake-up call. So, what happened? You'll have to watch.
Fun With Star Wars and a Very Funny Bad Lip Dub [Video]
Time for some fun with Star Wars. With the opening of The Force Awakes, the hype has literally been in hyper space. You can't escape it, TV, magazines, radio, social media, everywhere. The movie may become the all-time box office champ.
But, for those who may not have seen one of the past Star W…
Darth Trump is an Amazing Must See [Video]
No two topics are discussed more today that Star Wars and Donald Trump. That is all people can seemingly talk about.  So if you haven't yet seen this amazing Darth Trump mash-up, you need to. It's hysterical!
Star Wars Movie Trailer Lego Style [Video]
I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the new Star Wars movie coming this Christmas.  It should be filled with tons of fun and excitement.  The movie company is releasing trailers to wet our appetites. And, then, there is this one...Lego style!
George Lucas Sells the Empire to Disney
The world of Show Biz was rocked yesterday with the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm.
George Lucas, Lucasfilm, sold his company to Disney for a mere $4 billion dollars.
Say that again?  $4 BILLION!
Local Students Create “Star Wars” Video
I'm always excited when I find young film and videos makers who are hard at work on their craft.  You realize that they are the future in creative arts and need, not only an outlet, but encouragement.
After watching a "Star Wars" video produced by Derek Postma and his classmate Connor Diem…

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