The price of gas could jump above $4 a gallon as soon as today.

WZZM-TV reports that fuel analysts at predict the price of regular unleaded could get as high as $4.15 a gallon by the holiday weekend.

In the past week they have fallen back below $4, to as low as $3.76 a gallon, in some parts of West Michigan. Analysts say the price hike is in part because of problems at an Exxon-Mobil oil refinery in Joliet, Illinois. That refinery directly supplies West Michigan, and when the problems are fixed, we should see prices go back down.

Patrick DeHaan with says, "This is a temporary issue. I f you're vacationing outside of the Great Lakes, you'll notice the prices aren't going to be going up as much as they will in the Great Lakes outside of this region. So it's a localized issue and it will resolve itself in a few weeks."

Last year around this time gas prices were more than $1 lower than they are now and they dropped another ten cents going into the memorial day weekend.