Have you ever wanted to test the off road trails in Michigan? This coming weekend, August 21st and 22nd, will be your opportunity to do just that!

This will be the second and last Free ORV Weekend of the year, hosted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. This weekend you can ride the DNR designated routes and trails without having to purchase an ORV license or trail permit.

Free weekends -- like this one -- give people who might be thinking of purchasing new equipment or dusting off their old ORV a chance to check out the trails. The DNR hopes you enjoy it so much that you end up purchasing an ORV license or trail permit.

Included in the state's Free ORV Weekend are the state's 4,000 miles of off-road trails and the state's six scramble areas, including Black Lake, Bull Gap, Holly Oaks ORV Park, The Mounds Scramble Area, Silver Lake ORV Area and St. Helen's Motorsport Area.

There are still a few things to remember this weekend:

  • The Recreation Passport and other applicable vehicle entry fees still apply.
  • All ORV rules and laws still apply

One of the closes places to go out and do some ORVing in West Michigan is at Silver Lake State Park. The park has over 2,000 acres of sand dunes that include a 450 acre ORV scramble area. Get more information about the Silver Lake State Park on their website or their Facebook page.

For more information, check out the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website or their Facebook page.

The Michigan DNR is also celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year. They have offered up 100 ways to celebrate.


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