These cupcakes looked a little "boozy" to me but what the hey?  St. Patrick's Day in America is celebrated with booze so why not mix a little chocolate with it.  Don't these sound decadent!  Before you say yuck, give it a chance.  The reviews are in, and while I have not personally tried this recipe yet, for those who like chocolate and liquor I think you might have found your own personal heaven.
The same lady who came up with these Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes also invented the Guinness Chocolate Ice Cream.  The Brown Eyed Baker came up for the idea of these cupcakes straight from the Irish Car Bomb cocktail that consists of one shot of Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey, dropped into one pint of Guinness.  If that sounds good to you, I think you just might love these little "Car Bombs" for your St. Patrick's Day celebration.


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