We have good news and bad news about the flu season so far.

The flu is hitting earlier than average, but this year's vaccine is proving to be very effective.

My own personal experience backs-up the data.  We've had flu-like symptoms going around in our house, our neighborhood, and school over the past couple of weeks.

The flu has been hitting hard in many southern states.  In Michigan, the flu has hit the hardest in the northern part of the lower peninsula and in the upper peninsula.  Get a full report on Michigan and country-wide flu activity here.

WZZM has details on flu vaccinations:

The flu strains circulating in the United States this year, especially the N3N2 strain, tend to cause more severe disease as well, he said. The good news is that this year's flu vaccine is a 90% match for the circulating strains.

So far 112 million Americans have been vaccinated, and it's expected that 135 million doses of vaccine will be produced total this year, so there shouldn't be any vaccine shortages.

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