GVSU Football enjoyed perfect weather at the Spring Classic on Saturday. Fans appreciated the weather, but they'd like to see touchdowns and a strong Laker defense even more this fall. 

GVSU’s Spring Classic did not feature a full game. It was closer to an open practice with a built-in scrimmage. More schools are moving towards practices in place of games to limit injuries, but judging from the hard hits on Saturday the players were going 100 percent either way.

  • Matt Milhouse, Townsquare Media

    Expect Maximum Effort

    Don't tell these players that this is practice and we're not keeping score. They don't seem to care. There were plenty of hard hits and big plays, even a little extra pushing and shoving. The players were fired-up and the fans loved it. The quarterbacks wanted in on it too. Quarterback Matt Crable was the lead blocker on a reverse. Just a spring practice? Not quite.

  • Matt Milhouse, Townsquare Media

    Try the Caramel Corn

    What would the football be without a few snacks? I attended the game with two of my kids and we all thought caramel corn sounded like a good idea. We were right. The caramel corn is prepackaged and it's spectacular. Now, back to football.

  • Matt Milhouse, Townsquare Media

    Who to Watch For

    There were a number of big plays on Saturday, but one that stands out is a strong run by RB Bryce Young. Young shook off about half of the defense, breaking tackles on his way to 30'ish yard gain. It got one of the afternoon's biggest crowd reactions and deservedly so.

  • Matt Milhouse, Townsquare Media

    Try Out New Seats

    A lot of fans came out to Lubbers Stadium, but it was nothing like the packed house you'll find on game night in the fall. There were plenty of open seats making it a great time to move around and try out a few different spots. That's exactly what we did. Now we know exactly where we want to sit when the Lakers host Ferris State on October 8.

  • Matt Milhouse, Townsquare Media

    Stay Late

    Once the Spring Classic was over some filed out while other players, fans and families hung around. There were plenty of pictures being taken and a few got a closer look at the field. Laker pride was on full display. A great chance for young fans to meet players and get autographs.