First Lady Betty Ford came home  today to Grand Rapids one last time.  A police motorcycle escort accompanied the body of Mrs. Ford and her family to the Ford Museum, the same as it did nearly five years ago for the funeral of her husband, former President Gerald R. Ford.

And unlike that cold winter day in 2006, it was a wonderful summer Michigan day.  A good sized crowd gathered near the museum to see the motorcade.  After a private welcoming ceremony with remarks from Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder,  the museum was open and we had our chance to pay our  last respects to the former first lady. Her beautiful mahogany casket was covered in pink,purple and white roses.  It was an honor to say goodbye.  Public viewing continues Thursday morning from 7 AM til 10 AM.  Mrs Ford's funeral will be at Grace Episcopal  Church in East Grand Rapids at 2PM.  The funeral procession will return to the Ford Museum grounds afterwards for a private burial next to President Ford.

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