Our long returnable Michigan Nightmare is almsst over!  It's been over 2-months since the COVID19 inspired shutdown of returning our cans and bottles has been in effect, but, yesterday the Governor said YES, take them back beginning June 15!

How many do you think are out there? Thousands of cans and bottles? Really? Try an estimated 600 million! Whaaaat? 600 million cans and bottles is the estimate just here in Michigan waiting to leave your garage!



WOODTV8 reported the treasury department deemed this Phase 1 of the reopening process, saying state-mandated safety guidelines must be followed with the following restrictions.

Limit the number of beverage containers that may be returned to $25 for each person per day.
Establish special or limited hours of operation for bottle return facilities.
Limit the number of available and operating reverse vending machines.
Periodically close bottle deposit facilities as needed for cleaning and supply management.

This is going to take weeks and weeks to return and process all of this. Be patient.





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