For the first time since 1917, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry will NOT be played, and as you can well imagine, football fans are not happy about it.

As you read earlier on our site, Michigan's COVID-19 outbreak has forced the cancelation of what is referred to simply as "The Game" against Ohio State, which has left fans from both sides in heavy mourning.

None of whom were as sad as blogger, @actioncookbook, a Buckeye fan who admits the name "Biakabutuka" haunts him to this day.

And of course, you KNEW someone would consider it tyranny.

Here's a guy with a solution, but obviously not aware that week nine is already booked for the Big Ten championship game.

Chad is taking it personally.

This guy is all fired up about it. And he's not even a Michigan or an Ohio State fan.

Here's a Michigan hater.

This GIF sums up my feelings.

This guy is predicting a rough month ahead for Michigan's coach.

The cancelation has a much bigger impact on OSU, as they struggle to reach their quota of games.

And of course, M fans are relishing in that scenario...

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