Bill Dugan caught four foul balls in the first five innings of today's Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park, then he caught another in the 8th inning.

Dugan gave all of the baseballs away to young Tigers fans.

Catching foul balls is nothing new for Roseville, Michigan native Bill Dugan. The Oakland Press talked to Dugan after he caught the fourth ball:

“This is a tie for my record, four in a single game. One in BP. Eight is my all-time record, four in a game, four in batting practice,” said Dugan, who was seated in Section 125 at Comerica Park, behind the plate.

The Pirates were hitting a lot of foul balls today, but that still takes a serious combination of luck and skill. Either way, the next time you sit in Section 125 remember to bring your glove.

Detroit Tigers television announcer Mario Impemba was amazed at Dugan's achievement. He asked, "How do you catch five foul balls in a game?"

The Tigers lost the game 7-4, but they gained a few young fans along the way.

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