Dollar Tree which owns Family Dollar announced today they will be closing 390 Family Dollar stores this year according to USA Today.

Family Dollar was bought in 2015 by Dollar Tree for just over $9 billion but the Family Dollar brand is losing money, so starting last year in the fourth quarter, Dollar Tree started closing stores, around 89, which USA Today says was more than the company originally planned to close.

The company also said it will rebrand around 200 stores from Family Dollar to Dollar Tree as well. Right before they mentioned they’re going to start selling things for more than a dollar at Dollar Tree stores to see how that goes over.  It’s a test right now to see how customers react. Which to me, means you should complain so they keep stuff at a dollar.

Dollar Tree also told USA Today that they aren’t completely closing the Family Dollar brand, they plan to renovate around 1,000 Family Dollar Stores this year.

So far they haven’t announced which stores will be closing, currently with 17 in our West Michigan area, I’m sure a few will be affected.

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