While we're all waiting for it to (finally) feel like Spring in Michigan there is one negative to the warmer weather... stink bug season, and researchers from Michigan State University say it's going to be worse than last year.

Experts say to not be surprised if you see dozens.

WOOD-TV says that stink bugs have especially been an increasing problem in West Michigan. Yes, they're harmless but they're annoying as hell and they continue to invade homes and businesses around the state. Plus, they feed on important vegetable and fruit crops which makes them an invasive species. According to the most recent report from MSU, 61 counties have reported stink bugs since September of last year.

Michigan State University

Now you're probably wondering "how do I avoid/get rid of them?" For starters, don't kill them! They're called stink bugs for a reason and they release a pungent smell once they're squished. Vacuuming may seem like an easy option but make sure it's one with bags. Otherwise, the smell will linger in your vacuum, even after its cleaned out. Some solutions provided by MSU include:

  • Look for holes, tears, and gaps around the house and seal them. Start it this summer before they creep their way back into your home to hibernate in the winter.
  • Sweep them into a bucket of soapy water. The soap will prevent them from escaping. Place the bucket under a light to attract them.

To make sure that it actually is a stink bug you're seeing below is what to look out for.

Michigan State University