Here is a good look back in time to a big hotel in Grand Rapids. It was THE hotel, too, a show piece and very fancy for it's time. It was the Pantlind, known today as.....The Amway Grand Plaza.

What an interesting front desk. Some time between 1915 and 1921, by the looks of this picture, you would check in here, get your room key and be taken to your room by the bellman to enjoy wonderful Grand Rapids.

It's fun to study this picture. Check the Lion above the front desk. It sure looks like the picture that hung above the bar in the classic Back Room Saloon for so many years. Notice the telephones on the front desk and the spittoon on the right side. Ick! By the way, this view faces what is now the large star burst on the wall of the Pantlind lobby segment of the hotel.

Back in it's hey day, the Pantlind Hotel was ranked “One of the 10 Finest Hotels in America.” But, alas, time faded the beautiful hotel, and people stopped visiting and staying. That is until Amway bought it in the late 70's and returned it to is glory. Now, we have a crown jewel of hotels of the Midwest, the Amway Grand Plaza, and the Pantlind section is as classic and beautiful as ever.

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