A local company plans to to introduce 30 scooters into a downtown area overcrowded with traffic and pedestrians. Good luck!

They say it's an alternative from of transportation.

Colin Reenders, a Hope College student has formed Wave Co. LC with the intention of putting rental scooters into Grand Haven this summer.

“I love Grand Haven, and I would love to see issues I faced as a kid, [like] walking 35 minutes to the beach, solved,” Reenders told WZZM-13 News.

The initial roll out will be for 30 scooters, available from 'docks' stationed around the Lakeshore city.

The Grand Haven City Council approved the plan.

As a former Grand Haven resident, I hope he's right and the plan adds a new way to get around an already crowded summer resort. But to be honest, all I see are scooters getting in the way of cars, and running over people on already overcrowded sidewalks.

God forbid we add more bike lanes and people learn to pedal more. (I'm a cranky old man).

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