The winter of 2023-2024 has certainly been a quiet one to start across Michigan. Weather patterns have not been favorable for either cold temperatures or heavy precipitation.

The National Weather Service has been following the El Niño, which they term as vigorous.

The Prospect for a White Christmas 2023

The NWS in Northern Indiana, which covers the southwesternmost tier of counties in Michigan forecasts that temperatures will be well above normal with dry conditions likely through the Christmas season - likely ensuring Lower Michigan will not see a White Christmas for 2023.

The NWS in Grand Rapids, which covers much of West Michigan reports the same conditions:

Warmer and drier than normal conditions are favored here heading well into December. What do we mean by "warmer than normal"? Typically our highs are around 32F for mid-December. There is a strong signal for temperatures to frequently be in the upper 30s to mid-40s during this upcoming period.

Winter in Marquette
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Comments on Facebook are largely okay with the current climate pattern and not worry so much about needed snow for the holiday.

I’d prefer not to have the snow, ice and frigid temps we had last Christmas.

I'm getting too old for the cold and snow so I'll take it

Last years Christmas Eve (2022) was crazy snow as we were driving through some nasty lake effect snow bands! Brutally cold, too. Now that was a Christmas Eve to remember!

Forget a white Christmas with all these Pacific systems and the Pacific Air inundating the country

Good, hope it continues all winter.

Less accidents due to nasty conditions and a lower heat bill.

Some winter sports enthusiasts are missing the snow but they appear to be far in the minority.

Winter in Upper Peninsula
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So what say you, Michigan, will you miss a White Christmas and snowfall or are you content will our relatively mild weather?

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